10 Positive Ways To Beat Negative Moods

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If you’re finding yourself too blue lately, you need to be proactive to improve your mental health. Asses your life and the situations which are causing your depression and decide to do something about it. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Exercise self-control over thinking. It may sound hard, but try making a habit of counteracting negative thoughts with something positive or even neutral. Eventually it gets easier, and you will find yourself able to redirect your train of thought away from sad and depressing ideas.

2. Exercise regularly. Keeping in shape can do a lot for your self-esteem and sense of accomplishment; use it also to get rid of stress that will worsen depression. Have a regular routine and increase the activity whenever you are feeling blue or overwhelmed.

3. Make positive changes to your diet. Depression often goes hand in hand with a carton of Rocky Road, but that will only keep you down. Make a conscious effort to eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and other quality foods. Doing good things for yourself is always a step in the right direction.

10 Positive Ways

4. Change what you have control over. If living in the city is bringing you down, find a way to move. If your boss makes you feel a foot tall and worthless, look for another job. It’s important to have some control over the major things in our lives and initiating positive changes can mean the difference between prolonged depression and finding happiness.

5. Keep your expectations reality-based. If you are dreaming too big, you will constantly be disappointed; keep your goals less lofty in order to be able to achieve them.

6. Be more sociable. Being out and about with friends will nearly always pick you up and fend off a depressed state. Keep active socially, and you will experience less depression, especially if the company you keep is upbeat and positive.

7. Quit bad habits. They only make you feel worse about yourself, so stop procrastinating or doing whatever else is making you feel less worthy and non-productive.

8. Get to work on your personal problems. Chances are good that if your life is in disarray, you are fueling a depressed state constantly. Try to solve the problems you face and improve situations surrounding your life so that you feel you have more control over your own happiness.

9. Take up new hobbies. Maybe you’ve let a talent go for too long or have been meaning to try your hand at something new. Pick up a passion and use your creative energy. Sign up for a competitive sport or volunteer for a local charity. Forcing yourself into positive situations will eventually break the chains of depression.

10. Get a pet to care for. Studies prove the benefits of having an animal in your life; it can lower blood pressure and decrease depression, among other things. Having someone who depends on you can boost your self-esteem and make you feel more valuable. Not to mention the joy of a dog or cat snuggling up to you constantly.

Although most bouts with depression are short-lived and harmless, if left unaddressed they can lead to a life of misery. Keep your moods balanced and in check, and keep doing things that make you happy!